Hi there!
I am Yi Cui.

A product designer who

Delivers data visualization.
Builds design systems.
Crafts mobile & web products.

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Logo of dubsado

Simplify invoice creation

Redesigned the invoice builder to simplify invoice creation and speed up payments for small businesses.

Web design 💻
Small business 💼
Invoice & Payment 🧾
CRM 🛠️

Dashboard of customer data platform

Designed the Data Homepage from the ground up to offer users valuable insights and empower them to take action on their projects.

Product Analysis ℹ️
Dashboard 🖥️
B2B 💼
Data Visualization 📈
0 --> 1 🚀
Logo of dubsado

Manage invoice on the go

Built the invoice feature on mobile app from 0 -> 1 to enable users manage invoice on the go.

Mobile app 📱
CRM 🛠️
0 --> 1 🚀
Invoice & Payment 🧾

Onboarding design of data management

Promote the experience for the AI developers, and increase the rate of the returning users.

Dataset Management ✨
Onboarding 🚀